Over the past years, women who are trying to attain the coveted hourglass shape are investing in waist training products. These products are considered to be cost-effective while offering other benefits like improved posture and more controlled eating habits. But for a waist trainer to deliver the best results, it needs to be worn at least eight hours a day for a certain period of time. But what if it coincides with your period?

Well, the straightforward answer is yes.

When you wear a waist trainer Australia during your menstrual cycle, it actually helps reduce pain brought forth by dysmenorrhea. Waist trainers reduce uterine contractions by exerting pressure on peritoneal organs — the same way women get relief by lying in the ever-reliable fetal position. With the help of a waist training product, menstrual pain can be alleviated while helping you maintain proper posture.

Your Comfort Is A Priority

While there’s no rule that prevents women from wearing a waist trainer while on their period, your comfort is a crucial factor in your decision-making process.

There are women who feel bloated and are very sensitive during their period. If they wear undergarments designed to trim fats off their waist, they may feel overly restricted. However, there are those women who can wear such items as if it’s a regular day even though they’re on their period.

If you are more of the latter but are still considering your comfort, you’re freely allowed to take it off at certain times of the day or for shorter periods. Experts emphasize that not wearing your waist training gear during your period does not yield a significant effect on your journey towards a slimmer waist.

Tips To Consider

When wearing a waist trainer Australia during your period, take note of these tips:

Invest in the right waist trainer. Wearing an ill-fitting corset can cause excessive compression on your abdominal area, which in turn will make it more difficult for you to manage menstrual pain. Get in touch with professionals to know the right fit and make sure to get your waist training products only from trusted suppliers and manufacturers. Choose a style, size, and fabric that you’re comfortable wearing. An appropriate, high-quality waist training gear can deliver the best outcome.

Give yourself a break. Achieving your dream body figure can’t be achieved overnight — even with the help of the best waist trainers available in the market. Especially if you’re in your period, it’s understandable that you’ll feel more stressed out, sensitive, and moody. Give yourself a break and don’t force yourself to wear your corset for eight hours straight.

Observe a healthy lifestyle. Wearing waist trainers isn’t enough to help you get that desired hourglass shape. Like what experts would say, it works best if it’s supplemented by other health-promoting regimens like eating a balanced diet, exercising, cutting down on your alcohol intake and smoking habits. These will not only help you achieve a slimmer waist — but they are also helpful when it comes to reducing menstrual pain during your period.

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