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(September 03, 2020): Bettie Jo Walker presents her book, ‘Dear Diary-Just Thinking,’ where she shares invoking ideas about the Bible and talks about experiences witnessed as a human being on Earth. The book is primarily aimed at individuals who enjoy reading about life and lessons, experiences, and also those who wish to share helpful life learnings. The book shares interesting and valuable ideas about the Bible and discusses experiences with the Father God.

In the book, there are experiences about family and parenting. Being a dedicated professional educator herself, the author further stresses the importance of education and how it is an ongoing process of learning that never stops. By using a number of quotations in the book, she seeks to inspire readers to gain a knowledgeable understanding of life. This book aims to offer inspiration, understanding, agreement, and justification and to help obedient children of God to move forward in life.


About Bettie Jo Walker:

Bettie Jo Walker is an author who loves to share her learning and experiences through her book.

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