Renaissance UK, a counselling clinic in London, presents inspiring and intuitive content that help clients overcome a variety of personal or professional challenges.

[London, 02 September 2020] Renaissance UK, a counselling and psychotherapy clinic based in London, presents an array of inspiring and intuitive content that helps clients deal with their personal or professional challenges.

Their content is presented in a way that is easily understandable and relatable to their audience. Whether it is dealing with complex psychological issues or setting and meeting career goals, their solutions are accessible and sensible.

Client Feedback
Based on feedback posted by clients on their website, among the many benefits of working with the clinic is ease of absorption.
Clients also emphasise the quality of the content presented to them. They found the conversations inspiring, as well.

They claim they never felt rushed or forced when dealing with their challenges and feeling safe in a non-judgmental space.

Face-to-Face and Online Sessions
Because of the recent developments caused by the pandemic, Renaissance UK has also started offering online sessions. This makes their services all the more accessible and sound in terms of keeping physical wellbeing safe.

They encourage their clients to embrace this new platform so they can continue to provide the much-needed help they offer.
This change has also made their appointment system more streamlined and easier for clients. Just by following links on their website, clients are able to book their next session.

Qualified and Registered Therapists
The clinic is home to qualified therapists that have years of experience in open-ended counselling and psychotherapy. They address a variety of issues that include anything from temporary worries to taking on goal-oriented work.

About Renaissance UK
Renaissance UK is led by Nathalie Baur. She applies different theoretical approaches that combine existential, cognitive, and psychodynamic modalities to come up with the best way to help the unique and distinct needs of her clients. She decided to build the current team based on how each expertise complement each other’s.

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