Let our professionals assist your organization to enhance your global communication through our top notch professional translation services . Here you can find:

1.Court certified interpreters and ATA certified translators

2.Simultaneous Interpreters for Zoom meetings

3.Translation in 200+ languages

4.Affordable translation services

5.All time availability of support

Court certified and ATA certified translators

In translation and interpretation, even 95% accuracy could be very risky if the 5% that was misscommunicated was critical. That is why it is so important to use certified translators. In the United States, the Judicial Council gives very rigorous written and oral tests to certify interpreters. Since it enforces bilingual people to rigorously study for at least a year or two, court certified interpreters are known to be top notch and very accurate. In terms of document translation, American Translators Association certifies translators. Their certified translators are reliable and have high quality, so the U.S. courts accept ATA certified translations at court trials.

As the best Chinese Translation Company 翻譯公司, we give the top tier proficient administrations which ensure a total accomplishment of your task, regardless of whether it is a gathering with your unfamiliar partners or preparing your representatives in foreign language!

With years of involvement with the translation business, our list of clients has increased exponentially. We are also working with the most renowned organizations and it has been an outright joy working with them. We would like to acquire new clients through our acquired convention of enthusiasm towards translation, operational greatness and moral strategic approaches.

We are known for:

1.Well planned working

2.Proficient Translators

How are we ensuring quality translation services?

We invest heavily in choosing just top level interpreters who are certified, native in target language, and have 5 or more years of experience in translation or interpreting.

Is translation service secure?

Indeed! When you contact L.A. TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETATION, we make it sure that your conversation is secure with us. We handle your important documents with attentiveness.


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