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We are pleased to announce the long-awaited geo-blocking within SAM Broadcaster Cloud. We have also created a complete guide which delves into the benefits of audience targeting and how it applies to radio:

Manage Who’s Listening with Geo-Blocking

Geo-blocking enables you to limit your listening audience by their location. Controlling who tunes into your station helps you to enhance the overall listening experience by tailoring your content to be more relevant and ultimately engaging for a specific audience. To learn more about geo-blocking, view our geo blocking guide at or contact our support team.

Audience Targeting in Radio

Audience targeting in radio is the method of categorising listeners into segments based on different variables such as demographic data. Demographic data includes but is not limited to age, gender, language, location, preferences, hobbies, lifestyles, race, ethnicity, education and more. Defining your audience helps you to identify the listeners you already have, as well as set a baseline for listeners you want to reach and attract to your station. To define your audience, you need to be able to define the goals of your station first and these can range from educational purposes to entertainment. Once you have set your station goals, it makes it easier to narrow down your audience.

The Benefits of Audience Targeting:

* Listeners have different preferences when it comes to radio consumption hence station owners need to focus on these preferences to better serve their listeners. The difference in preferences include different tastes in music genres or type of programming, e.g., talk, sport, non-stop entertainment, etc.

* Knowing your audience helps you understand not just the content your audience wants, but the consumption behaviours of your listeners, such as the time and devices they are listening from, helping you further increase your reach.

* Radio stations with clear audience segments tend to easily attract advertisers who have an interest in advertising to the specific audience.

Common Audience Targeting Options in Radio

They are a variety of targeting parameters that radio owners can use, with demographic targeting being the most common. This includes targeting based on age, gender, language, location, preferences, hobbies, lifestyles, race, ethnicity, education, radio formats, music genre by age groups and more. With SAM Broadcaster Cloud, you can have multiple stations each targeting different countries whilst taking advantage of the shared cloud library for music tracks, playlists, jingles and sweeps. Not yet a SAM Cloud user? You’re in luck! Take advantage of our limited-time discount of 30% OFF: . The promotion runs until September 7, 2020. Start streaming today – visit to try the SAM Broadcaster Cloud service.