Maruti Hai UpneAdhyayKeAvtaran Se Prasan, Shri Ram Ki Divya Swaroop Ki Darshan Se Anandith Hai Unka Mann. The upcoming episode of &TV’s Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram will narrate Prabhu Shri Ram KeJanam Ki Gatha, with Ram Adhyay. Displaying the beautiful milan of Bhakt and Bhagwan, the show will take you through Bal Hanuman’s (Ekagrah Dwivedi) journey to Ayodha. On being shown the chavi of his Bhagwan by Lord Shiva (Ram Yashvardhan) as Maruti was writing Ram Naam on the walls of a cave, he begins his journey with Jamvant (Rajesh Singh). On reaching Ayodhya, Guru Vashisha (Nagesh Salwan) welcomes them both, and they together convince Raja Dashrat (Anwar Khan) who was planning to undertake vanprashth in staying in the mahal. Dashrath invites Bal Hanuman to stay in Ayodha, and he witnesses one of the most significant events of his life – the birth of his Bhagwan Ram.

Talking about the upcoming track, Nagesh Salwan who essays the role of Gargacharya (Rishi Vashisht) shares, “According to the vedas and Puranas, Rishi Vashisht along with Lord Hanuman convinces Raja Dashrath to not head for Vanprashth ashram. They will make him realise his responsibility towards his subjects and the fact that they are awaiting their future king. A mahayagna will be conducted post which Raja Dashrath and Rani Kaushalya (ShafaqNaaz) will be blessed with Ram Janam.”

Gleaming diyas, decorations and celebrations will be seen in Ayodha as people will welcome the new king – Lord Ram. It will be an extraordinary moment for Bal Hanuman as he will meet his Bhagwan for the first time, and it will be a delight for the viewers to see kaiseBhaktkigodhmeinkhelengebhagwan.

Watch Prabhu Shri Ram KeJanam Ki Gatha in &TV’s Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram every Monday-Friday at 9:30 pm.