Accompanied driving, the measure that the Government has decided to evaluate, has a history in several countries.

The system consists of young people under the age necessary to obtain the license, and who is 18 years old, obtain a driving license accompanied by a designated adult.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, young people over 17 years of age who have passed the theoretical exam and have received at least 20 practical classes in a driving school could take advantage of this plan. When they reach 18, they can take the exam to obtain the license.

The designated adult will be considered responsible for driving and must also meet certain requirements: have a few years of seniority with the license and a record free of infractions.

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France and Germany already do:

In the United States and Canada, this practice is widespread. The minimum age varies according to the states and can be even 15 years old, although with many limitations: maximum speed, hours when it is not possible to circulate, and zero alcohol, among others.

In France, since the 1990s, young people aged 16 and over have been allowed to request accompanied driving. This system is considered “early learning” and 30% of the young people benefit from it, who later, at the age of 18, choose to obtain their license

Since January 1, 2011, Germany has adopted a similar measure for 17-year-olds.

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The system was successfully tested in the landers before becoming federal law. The German Ministry of Transport considers that “the result has had a positive impact on road safety” because it improves the training of novice drivers. The minister even assured that he had experienced the advantages of the system accompanying his eldest daughter.

According to a study carried out by a federal agency, the program has contributed to a 22% reduction in accidents and a 20% reduction in infractions.

If a minor drive unaccompanied, their license is withdrawn, they pay a fine, their probation period is extended and they have to pass a new driving course.

The accompanying adult must also meet certain requirements, both in France and in Germany. In both cases, you must have a license for five years and not accumulate offenses.

In the UK, Ireland, and Hungary (and outside the EU, in Iceland) the minimum age to obtain the permit is 17 years.

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