AK Security is a company that provides security guard services in the states of Florida, Georgia, and Texas.
Peace of mind. What one wouldn’t pay just to feel safe at home and where we work? Security guards deliver a sense of protection, though. That helps put our minds at ease when it comes to burglary and vandalism.
Have you been on the search for security services in San Antonio? AK Security is here to answer that call. We have dedicated our lives to satisfying our clients by providing safe and secure environments. With experience serving high-profile clients, we can even provide security for TWIC and MARSEC certified roles. We have been on cargo and passenger ships as well.
Here’s what’s on the menu when it comes to security:
Retail Security:We care about your business. Let the customers shop, let the employees work, and let us worry about the security on the premises. To delivery optimum security, we offer an all-around security program.
Residential Security:We are quite experienced in-home security unlike some security companies in Atlanta, GA. Our professionals are prepared to protect your private residence(s).
Commercial Security: Our security officers undergo an extensive state training and certification program by the FDLE. Additionally, site-specific training is conducted after the review and agreement of orders from the client and management.
Industrial and Transportation Security: We also offer industrial security services for a variety of industrial environments, including manufacturing plants and facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, intermodal transports, and construction sites. We even provide armed escort for the transportation of goods and personnel.
If this sounds like what you need, you have come to the right place: www.aksecurityservices.com.
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Fax: 1-866-417-6020
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