In recent years, insect screens have become more popular among homeowners in the UAE. As the solution to repel insects, they safeguard homes from the entry and harmful effects of most insects, bugs, and mosquitoes. In other words, your family members will stay safe from all sorts of diseases which insects may bring into your home. In this article we will discuss the two main types of insect screens: the roll-up screen and the pleated screen in Abu Dhabi.

Design and Features of Roll up Insect Screens

For many years people have been using roll-up insect screens. These insect screens remain attached to the top of the wall and when working, roll down or up to place the mesh barrier over your window when needed. When not in use, the idea is that you roll away the mesh screen. Unfortunately, as many of us have found out, these screens are not very robust. The mechanism often fails and the roll up feature stops working. Another issue is that the mesh will tear away from the bottom handle. This means that there is no way to hold the screen down in place. The last common problem we find with roll up window screens is that the cheaper versions are not secured at the sides. This means the wind can easily blow the mesh out of its frame. It’s also a potential spot for insects to ingress. These types of failures and issues are difficult to repair.

Some modern types of roll up screens use a zip line or track system to hold the screen in place at the side frames. These are more robust, better designed but come at a higher price point.

Design and Features of Pleated Insect Screens

You can purchase the latest functionally design pleated insect screens. These screens are much more practical and look better than roll up insect screens. Besides, the pleated insect screen will last much longer than the cheap roll-up insect screens. Other features of the screen include:

Designed to be installed on all doors and windows found in Abu Dhabi
Pleated insect screens are designed with flexible end use in mind. They can be installed over windows with ease. They’re also perfect for single or double doors. Roll up screens are not normally and option of doors. They are also easy to repair should the mesh become damaged. The pleated screens have a low bottom profile and hence are suitable for various spaces, where disabled, elderly people and children often move.

Perfect to use on balconies
Pleated screens can be used to close in an outdoor patio or balcony area. The advantage is that they fold away to the side when not in use so many Abu Dhabi communities allow pleated screens to be installed on high rise apartments.

Designed to last in the harsh Abu Dhabi weather

Any outdoor item must be able to withstand the hot, dusty and humid UAE weather. The pleated screen has no mechanical parts so nothing can rust or fail. The mesh must be a high quality polyester and not some cheap Chinese manufactured mesh.

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To conclude, we should say that insect screens are one of the essential products to install in your homes. The two most popular screens in Abu Dhabi are the roll up screen and the pleated screen. We recommend installing the pleated screen on you villa for many reasons including durability, function and ease of repair.

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