According to the experts at Orcanos the ALM and QMS tools serve different stakeholders in the organization, but the communication is crucial, as no matter how good you develop your product. Orcanos develops the Single Repository for R&D Quality and Regulations that meets the industry-based quality and regulations. Whether you are looking for risk mitigations traceability and true impact analysis of a change Orcanos will offer single repository for R&D quality and regulations for medical device, pharma, automotive, or software.

Orcanos is the only leading company that provides integrated software for QMS Quality Management System (QMS), ALM (Design Control) and combined it with regulations compliance. It is also specialised in the medical device industry.

Team Orcanos takes the challenge to connect different people, different needs, and different interest all to one repository and still satisfy everyone and make it unified, and simple enough.

Founder Zohar Peretz and Rami Azulay of Orcanos, have devised a way to connect everyone to one repository, without compromising on the quality of the different modules to the different stakeholders.

Orcanos Software offers secured, robust and simple ALM platform. Orcanos ALM Requirements Management tool allows you to plan, approve, trace and validate requirements, manage any audit, compliance or regulatory and integrate into your office environment.

If you are developing Medical Device – Orcanos ALM fully satisfies FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for electronic records and electronic signature. Orcanos provides Test Management Software, Orcanos Testing Suite for test management provides all you need for your verification and validation processes. It operates over Orcanos ALM central repository. Orcanos Test Management Tool allows tracking, and monitoring of test results, and generates your test results into Word, PDF, Excel and more.

The Single Repository for R&D Quality and Regulations Simple Configuration from Orcanos Document Control Software system allows you to set up dynamic routing process (workflow), forms layout, fields and sections, roles & permissions, with just few clicks, no programming or special skills are required. Moreover Orcanos Defect Tracking system allows all project participants to easily submit, query, update, and report defects, while making transparent traceability to features and test cases.

The Benefits of Application Lifecycle Management Software for Single Repository for R&D Quality And Regulations are clearly managing your requirements, testing, along with risk management, CAPA, change management and much more.

About Orcanos Software

Orcanos Software was established in 2005 by owners – Zohar Peretz and Rami Azulay. Orcanos Software is the only company that provides integrated software for ALM (Design Control) and quality management (QMS), combined with regulations compliance, and specialises in the medical device industry. Located in India and Israel, their R&D center creates and enhances the Orcanos ALM software tool, which they use to help customers implement their processes and methodologies. For more information about please, visit