USA, CA (28 August, 2020): Lion Raisins, a leading premium quality brand is focused to drive and remain the leading supplier of premium quality California raisins. The production, manufacturing and supply are taken care by the professional and experienced team in business. The professionals source several local ingredients and keep the transportation related carbon footprint as minimal as possible. The services are aimed at using sun to dry the raisins and also beneficial to power about 60% of the processing operations with the help of state of the art six acre solar farm. Get more info about Bruce Lion

The unwavering commitment to offer zero waste approach and operate from facility from all excess packaging materials being recycled, most of the water utilized is usually reused and treated. The raisin by-product is beneficial in animal feed application along with other agricultural practices. ‘At Lion Raisins, we empower and take necessary actions to employ a zero waste approach, to take care of our consumers and also of the environment we thrive in.’, as said by the spokesperson at Lion Raisins.

About Lion Raisins:

Lion Raisins is a top raisins supplier in California offering premium quality raisins and raisins products.