New Delhi, India: India’s most trusted and secure cryptocurrency exchange PCEX Member comes with an exclusive welcome offer for traders or investors in India. The Welcome Offer program will enable traders or investors in India to earn C2USD worth Rs.100 by doing signup.

To avail the offer, the user has to create an account on PCEX Member and activate their account by completing the KYC process. After the completion of the KYC process, C2USD worth Rs.100 gets rewarded in the wallet in less than a minute. It’s a great opportunity for traders to earn money while making an entry into the revolutionary financial market.

Speaking about the Welcome Offer, Sandeep Phogat, CEO/Founder of PCEX Member said, “ This is a revolutionary time for the Indian crypto market. After the Apex court has lifted the ban, a lot of people have started investing in cryptocurrencies. However, not every Indian is still taking the benefits of this revolutionary investment opportunity. So, we have come up with this offer to bring more and more users in the crypto market and take advantage of profitable investment options”.

PCEX Member’s offering for the traders and investors is not limited to just the welcome offer. The platform is designed and developed to give a secure and comfortable environment for traders of all levels to buy, sell, or trade in cryptocurrencies while reaping the benefits of a lot of trading features. They are the only coin trading platform that enables people to trade in the INR market at single transaction fees while enjoying features like instant KYC, instant deposit, instant withdrawal, fast transactions, and lowest trading fees.