The social media analytics software refers to the platform, tools, and software, which provides end-to-end analytics solutions for social media data to numerous industry verticals.

Social media analysis is capable to determine to the extent your audience is sharing your content and what content they are sharing. If the content created is relevant and interesting to the target audience, the audience will blowout the messages for you and enhance your marketing reach. Based on the types of content that most interest your audience, one can learn how to develop messages that the audience is more likely to connect with and share.

Business – Generally, people tend to be authentic on social media. By continuous monitoring for mentions of your corporate and brand names, your organization can learn what people think about them. One can gain insights into how people feel about their products and services and learn where one can make improvements if needed. Social media also enables to engage with your audience — reply to comments, resolution for complaints, and provide other help that customers appreciate.

Audience – Studying and analyzing social media users who mention your brand can disclose who your audience is and what are their likes and dislikes. It also enables to know what social networks and type of content they prefer. For instance, it helps you to determine if they prefer to share images, videos, or infographics. It becomes easy to find what your audience likes in networks such as Facebook where their likes are posted publically. On other sites, one can reveal their preferences through their use of hashtags or keywords in their posts.

Influencers – Most of the social media users generally acquire significant influence, as they have a considerable number of followers who trust them. Along with individuals, influencers can be other businesses or Internet personalities. A positive comment by an influencer about a product can prompt others to build a relationship with the business. When developing a marketing strategy, influencers’ preferences should be considered, what they like, and the keywords they use. Creating successful relationships with influencers is one of the main methods of social media marketing.

Competition – Social media monitoring often tells your competition’s marketing strategy, including its content, target audience, and messages. Any content your competitors release to their audiences is also available for your analysis. It helps organizations to collect and analyze the vast amount of data to create a customer persona — a list of demographic characteristics that describes their typical customer. Organizations can then use that persona as an example of an average customer when communicating with their audience. Talking one-to-one to the persona you created will expand your communications to your entire audience. With the explosion of social media use, marketers can utilize social media measurement to tap into a treasure trove data on their customers, products, and competitors. This information can help enhance social media content and better reach the target audiences.

Key features to be considered in Social media analytics software

Social Engagement Report – It includes the complete report for all your social activities. Good social media analytics provides you a holistic view of your entire social performance with better filtering, better design, and more context than ever before.

Social Profile Reports  It provides you with a secret weapon for PER network performance. No need to download reports from individual platforms (or multiple third-party tools). It helps to quickly view important social KPIs for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Social Campaign Reports  It provides the report for analyzing correlations between two campaigns with side-by-side comparisons. It also helps to review similar campaigns or posts to test what’s working (and what isn’t).

Top Content Report- A good social media platform enables us to know instantly what content performs best with your audience on social media. It helps you to track and calculate social shares and repromote your most popular post.

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