Decides Against The Reopening Of Fitness Studio Till The Fear Of Covid-19 Subsides

Got A Push And Terrific Response From Members To Continue The Online Sessions Irrespective Of The Directive

With gymnasiums, yoga centres and fitness studios likely to reopen soon in the capital, Goodways Fitness, a leading fitness studio for women, has decided to remain closed amidst the rising Covid cases, and continue to operate in the model that they have come up with, to keep their customers fit.

Goodways Fitness’ online classes targeted for women remain a big hit, as it helped them slide through the situation by maintaining a fine balance between a day’s energy- draining zoom calls and household chores. They devised intense online training programs that are rich in variety, and are good for muscles and cardiovascular systems. After much trial & error, they came up with movement-based workout for women during the lockdown. Training your bodies in Movement-based workouts unwind patterns of conscious and unconscious behaviour and in turn promote the greater potential for motor skill development. GF’s well-structured and timely scheduled online classes have led them to dive into a pool of unexplored and less-travelled territory. They guided each and every one of their customers’ personally and tracked their progress through the app.

Sankalp Kashyap, Co-Founder and Chief Fitness Consultant at Goodways Fitness says “With gyms and fitness studios closed, we’re all innovating; we’ve been quick to move online. Coronavirus has led to a new home workout boom. The new online classes tap into something that didn’t exist in home fitness before, but the lure of the gym may prove stronger in the long term.”

The idea of training in ‘movement-habits’ through exploration and curiosity, in part, is a way towards achieving an integrative and wholesome body-mind balance. Putting a consistent focus on how we can learn to make better movement choices can bolster vagus nerve health (vagus tone). Activating Vagus nerve is the most talked about secret to boost immunity. An intense workout session in a week is mixed with Yoga & Meditation sessions to stimulate a complete body-mind connection. GF’s goal is to achieve and maintain their customers’ overall fitness, not just get them in shape. There is no One size fits all applicable anymore to anyone.

Shakti Kashyap, Co-Founder and Master Trainer at Goodways Fitness says “We won’t deny that we got into a deep financial distress due to the prolonged lockdown. Even if the fitness centres are allowed to resume, there will always be some apprehension over whether customers will return and how much our operating costs will increase because of the new safety arrangements. Let’s be realistic, despite all the safety protocols put in place, we cannot assure a 100% Covid free ambience to our customers. It’s not just us but nobody can do that. We are here to make people fit & healthy, and not to jeopardise their health.”

WHO has recently appealed to countries to enforce the basic measures such as wearing a mask, physical distancing and testing to fight Covid-19. It clearly stated that India is facing a challenge with respect to the disease. The worrying aspect is that the positivity rate continues to increase; now it is about 12.5%. So, it demonstrates that the disease is circulating intensely.

“Gyms fulfil quite a different social role. They are places where exercises done by individuals can be communal and competitive. When the lockdown ends, and vaccines hit the market, people will flock back to gyms and sports fields to recapture the vital social, human contact which is also integral to exercise for so many. In time to come, as we begin to breathe freely without fear getting infected, we will reopen our studio. But in the meantime, we’ve got a terrific push and response from our customers to continue with the online model” further continued Sankalp Kashyap

About Goodways Fitness

Goodways Fitness is a women’s fitness studio. Their approach is scientific with the priority being fitness. They conduct workout sessions for women that are fundamental to living a well-balanced life. They believe in scientific workouts that must cover all four dimensions of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. GF treats each member differently, acknowledging that what works for one person might not work for another. They maintain that health and fitness goals can be reached through hard and yet smart training with a little bit of determination. They reiterate that intense training programs are rich in variety that challenges your muscles, but it should be well mixed with Yoga & meditation sessions to stimulate the body-mind connection. Ranging from aerobics, yoga, kickboxing, Zumba, step aerobics to callisthenics and animal-flow workouts, their workout sessions are replete with Strength, Circuit and functional training. To know more, please visit