To all ISP’s, Tech Entrepreneurs & Enthusiastic now have glad tidings for their digital Security needs. Special thanks to DIMA Business Solutions, Coimbatore, India. For launching DIMA Warrior, the DNS Firewall. It is a multi variant internet security product for all types of cyber attacks needs which is completely Customization Service for Enterprises, IT Corporations, Small & Medium Businesses, and Home and Mobile Internet Users.

DIMA Warrior is a flexible, Scalable and unsubstantial product with faster internet threat detection networks response with simple architecture framework and built on an open source platform to make it more efficient and affordable to all the Netizens across the globe and to All variants of the business sectors. It is a DNS security product that works on dynamic threat intelligence system which gives instant and protection to implementing Web Classification and Reputations, IP Reputation, Real-Time Anti-Phishing ,Streaming Malware Detection.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology giving more prowess (Battle Skill ) to the system and empowering the Dima Warrior with an up-to-date list of malicious or forbidden IP addresses, domains, URLs or name servers. The whole DNS Firewall architecture is automatically  updated regardless of the server type (Linux or Efficient IP’s secure DNS appliance) and protects the systems from all possible malware attacks in a single operation. We simply call it Security at the root. 

Migrating and implanting with DIMA Warrior (DNS) is an uncomplicated and customizable, simple process. According to the Organization’s need and personal user needs DIMA WARRIOR  is available on Private Cloud, Public Cloud and On premise Hardware based Implementation. Now single users are able to avail its services through Android and IOS apps for their Mobile phone and for their digital Gadgets.

DIMA Warrior is soon-to-launch its global promoting marketing strategy to reach out globally spread Network Administrators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Web Service Providers, Cyber Security Consultants and Cyber Security Solutions Resellers and to begin its footprint in the global digital marketplace.