Selling your house privately can save you same money on realtors, although you have to be in charge of everything – right from marketing your house to the home showings and the like. It is important to be mindful of various aspects of home marketing and sales, and these are a few important things that you need to keep in mind.

Do not forget the basics

Before trying out classifieds, paid ads and other ways of marketing your home, do not forget to use the basic methods that are tried and tested, and proven in their effectiveness. Try out sign posts. Install them just outside your home with a ‘For Sale’ sign. Potential buyers driving by your home can watch the sign and show an interest by calling you up directly.

Make sure of safety

While you might save on real estate commission in Ontario, since you will be advertising that you have an open house, keep in mind that all sorts of visitors would be dropping in. You do not know about all of them, and at least a few of them could be malicious and likely to take your hospitality for granted. Make sure that you have a few close ones around, and ensure your safety at any given point of time. Also, try to keep the showings before sunset.

Try social contacts

If you have an open house, let it be known by everyone around. You can pass the word around to the local shops and vendors that you are associated to, and use your friend and social circle for promotions.

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