Sahel Rafael Tamayo Launches New Business in Cancun, Mexico.

Sahel Rafael Tamayo, a Cuban American entrepreneur, broadens business into Cancun, Mexico. Tamayo chooses Cancun Mexico to encourage business activity there. The encouragement covers specific activities, including starting a business, registering property, getting credit, and enforcing contracts. Tamayo also sees the quality of infrastructure services that much better than a few years ago. The condition of the security of property from theft and looting is also safer in Mexico. Sahel Rafel Tamaya explained, “Our company focuses on several businesses. One of them is real estate businesses. Mexico is getting better year by year. We hope that starting a new business in Mexico could attract more investors and private investments.”

This is the way to show that investment in real estate is still worth it to do even in the pandemic condition. Real estate is even known as one of the most stable investments. It helps to protect assets from future inflation due to the low rates of interest and government spending. Tamayo added, “Real estate market consists of several sectors. The apartment is one of the most suitable sectors for investment and strong enough against inflation. This investment boosts economic and demographic trends. The success of apartment investment triggers significant numbers of new projects.”

The procedure to open a new business in Mexico is also fast. A business owner can open a new business in only 27 days. This is the reason why Mexico is one of the best countries to open a new business. Another great thing why business owners, including Sahel Rafael Tamayo, decided to broaden their business into Cancun Mexico is a supportive credit regulation and information. Business owners in Mexico can take credit faster and easier to stimulus their business. As a result, they can run the business immediately without considering money anymore. Sahel Rafael Tamayo stated, “Due to the credit regulation in Mexico, we also have a credit and finance business. The information about this business is available at It explains everything about the way to take credit safely and the way to repair it if there is a problem.”

Creditmergency has signed a ten years lease in Cancun, Mexico. Nowadays, this company has over 1000 agents ready to help business owners or people in Mexico manage their credit. Tamayo explained, “We are confident and sure enough about expanding business in Cancun, Mexico. We have analyzed all aspects before deciding on it. We hope that we get more benefits and profits as well as helping people there from this new business.”

About Sahel Rafael Tamayo:

Sahel Rafael Tamayo is a Cuban American business executive. He is also an investor. Tamayo is also the founder and President of It helps people who have problems with credit.

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