The O3 soft loan gives you access to loan to meet your immediate financial needs.
So whether it’s money pay rent, cover school fees, Personal Loan, LPO Finance or Asset Acquisition O3 can help. We offer cash loans of up to N2, 000,000, conveniently spread over 3-6 months for customers, and our flexible repayment pattern is specially designed to meet your needs.

Requirement for Soft Loan strictly for Salary Earners
• Applicant must be between age 22 and 50 Years
• One recent Passport photograph (Not more than 6 months)
• Staff ID Card
• Letter of Employment or Confirmation /promotion /salary increase /redeployment letters
• Statement from your Salary Account for the Last 6 months which must be stamped and signed by the Bank or Your account officer can send it to us at
• Valid Proof of ID (National ID, Driver’s License, Voters Card or International Passport)
• NUBAN Cheques for the Loan Duration or Filled Direct Debit Form
• Pension or Tax ID Number.
• 3 months’ Pay slip
• Guarantor. N.B The guarantor must be of equal financial standing or above the Cardholder e.g same grade or above.

Requirement for Short Term Loan for Business Owners
• Duly Completed Application Form
• Application letter authorizing borrowing for the Business
• Registration Documents
• 6 Months Bank statements
• 1 Passport Photograph
• Valid means of ID
• Company ID for Business Owners
• Guarantor Form. The Guarantor must be a Business owner too.signed NUBAN cheque for the Loan amount should accompany the application .N.B The guarantor must be of equal financial standing or above.
• VALID ID and Business ID of the Guarantor
• Last Utility Bill of the Business address
• Last Utility Bill of the Business owner

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