The value of digital book platforms has become apparent amidst Corona Virus lockdown, movement restrictions, and school closures, following the COVID-19 pandemic. AllYouCanBooks is one of the few services, which has observed a correlative increase in their business, as a result.

All You Can Books has recently brought to everyone’s attention the value of the online publishing and library industry in the sphere of digital information. As students learn from home and parents work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, audiobooks and ebooks have become a necessity. This has led to an increase in the number of subscribers on the platform. Following the outbreak, the reading culture around the globe has evolved as people adapt to this unprecedented lifestyle change, and this was only made possible by the presence of digital books.

The importance of ebooks and audiobooks in the digital learning sphere has thus become prominent. Not only have millions of students been left without access to school libraries and classroom essentials, but the rest of the population has also resulted in online platforms for leisure and entertainment. With unlimited time on people’s hands and endless monotony, thank God for online social media platforms, entertainment industry, and what the majority of the population is now learning to appreciate; online e-book and audiobook platforms.

The rapid increase in ebook and audiobook subscription since the COVID-19 outbreak continues to soar, and All You Can Books is committed to building the capacity of students with the new learn-from-home program. Parents and the larger population also stand to gain from endless fiction, inspirational, and tens of other genres of part-time reading to calm their nerves amidst the tedium. Publishing partners have also joined hands towards the cause and many reading apps and online platforms have received thousands of donated ebooks and audiobooks.

If anything is guaranteed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a change of lifestyle, but the silver lining is that hidden treasures are being discovered. Currently, All You Can Books offers reading incentives by giving free unlimited access to all Audiobooks and eBooks for the first 30days after registration!

About All You Can Books…
All You Can Books is an online digital reading platform that gives subscribers unlimited access to Foreign Language courses and more than 40,000 Audiobooks and eBooks. As a 100% digital company, the platform is compatible with all major devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and music players. With a monthly subscription, readers have unrestricted access to all available ebooks and audiobooks.