Mass Media is considered as one of the most critical four foundations of democracy in India or any other democratic nation. Media plays a crucial role in keeping people informed with the latest events across the globe. Now, we can find out the current headlines and entertainment with only a few clicks of the mouse or by easily switching on the television or smartphone aside from gazing at the newspaper everyday.

An overwhelming majority of people globally rely on multiple information outlets to keep themselves updated on various current topics across the globe. Media plays a major role in society as a whole.

In the following relevant points lets know and appreciate the importance of media in the society:

Gives Insight and Transmits Facts
Media keeps people updated about the different events happening around the globe. It helps us to know what’s going on around us, and across the planet. We acquire enormous awareness on different topics with the help of the media. Press takes a crucial part of knowledge distribution.

Promotes Awareness
Media ignites curiosity in us by supplying information and understanding. This does not impose its own judgment on us, but provides us with statistics, figures and news that we can evaluate the details and consider, what is wrong and what is right.

Raises Voice For The Society
Media often plays a positive role for society by raising awareness about concerns. Presently there are numerous cases of social problems that have been posed by the government, such as racial inequality, etc. Once media report and unveil these things, the public is aware of them and the requisite measures are taken to address the problems!

The mainstream media and society are two institutions of the country that are directly linked. Actions and donations from the community allow the leaders of this sector to speak out for the real truth.
They have to be sure they don’t get swept away because of certain worries or allurements and be loyal to their roles as their comments and reports affect other issues not just internationally as the news hits nationwide but also globally.

Educates Society
The schooling of people is one of the most critical functions of the government. We can discover and discuss various product reviews, compare prices for different products, read news about politics, fashion, war, environment , health and many more with the aid of the internet. Media exposes issues such as poverty, social backwardness and so on and educates people on the same.

However, with every positive thing pops up some negative things as well and this field is no different. Some people are compromising their duties within this industry. Some media houses and reporters are taking a bribe not to show any important news. Thus, the need for good mass media colleges increases.

Not only will the great colleges offer the Mass Communication and Journalism course material, they transfer principles and expectations that any student and worker in the news media will bear with respect.

The top colleges of mass communication in Delhi like The Delhi School of Communication teaches the best journalistic standards. They also explain the connection between the mainstream media and culture and whether locally and nationally a strong journalist is making a difference.

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