We supply a focused range of equipment relevant to the NZ market and the construction that happens in this country. We don’t focus on sending out massive amounts of stock every week like bigger companies tend to do, where the price and the money coming in is perhaps the most important thing. Customers are the most important, that’s why we connect on a human level and really hone in as to what you do and what product will suit you, your application and your budget.

Level NZ started out as a service workshop, showing our focus on offering services from the ground up; dedicated to the customer and getting your technical questions answered.

From rotating laser level solutions to the latest self-levelling laser technology to advanced laser line products, we have what you need at Level NZ in Christchurch.

At Level NZ, we pride ourselves on being a leading laser levelling equipment distributor with a team of experienced and skilled professionals in Christchurch.

You’ll find the best laser level range for sale right here on our website, with all equipment sent from our base in Christchurch to wherever you are located in New Zealand.

In addition to our excellent range, we also offer the highest possible standards of customer service. Here’s what you can expect when you choose a levelling solution from us at Level NZ:

Any equipment you buy from our range will be calibrated and certified before it is dispatched. This means you can start using it right out of the box.
To give you peace of mind, all our products come with a warranty. The warranty depends on the product but is typically between one and three years.
We’ll ship your equipment to you as quickly as possible and shipping is free across New Zealand.

We offer affordable prices too. Browse the range today.

For more info: https://levelnz.co.nz/