Have you decided to install a patio for you property? Have you finalized whether you want a flagstone, limestone or concrete patio? If you are still wondering how to get it done and who you should use? Well, hiring the services of IM Landscape and Masonry will ensure you get it done the right way, by the right contractor.

Well known as professional Patio Installation Contractor In Peekskill, NY IM Landscape and Masonry are focused on safety as the first and foremost priority of any construction project. Installing a deck, patio or veranda is a big project to undertake, and it’s essential that you hire services of reliable, good and reputable contractor to do the job for you, in order to get the results you want. IM Landscape and Masonry is evidently one of the excellent patio contractors in Peekskill. NY.

To fulfil your patio dreams IM Landscape and Masonry will start with construction by surveying your property and the space it offers. It’s possible that you need land clearing to open up your yard, especially if there’s nothing planted or you aren’t fond of the plants, bushes, and trees there.

The team at IM Landscape and Masonry will survey the location for landscape, considering the sun exposure in different areas. The sun will influence your patio layout and if it needs to be covered.

The team at IM landscaping and Masonry INC comprises of fully licensed and insured designers and contractors offering a variety of services that include

Stone Work
Pool Decks
Tree Planting

The team at Im Landscape & Masonry will take into consideration what are your primary goals for the function of your yard? Do you have a pool or want to add a water feature? When you throw a party, is a small barbecue area good or would you like a full outdoor kitchen? You can get everything built with help of your patio contractor who is eager to know your patio plans and necessary elements.

About Im Landscape & Masonry:

Im Landscape & Masonry is the tight NY landscaper for any outdoor space. With a talented and skilled staff, you can trust IM landscaping and Masonry INC for all your residential or commercial NY landscaping design needs. They are fully licensed and insured designers and contractors offering a variety of design services.