Welcome to the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations (GSD). This institute is for students who wish to go for undergraduate, graduate, and executive-level education under the field of International Relations and Diplomacy. All the courses designed for students who wish to get a specialized course for the private sector, government sector, and non-profit sectors. Our aim is to create a professional who has an in-depth understanding of different cultures, knows about the history of the economy, knows about international law, and what makes a country grow. Today, even small countries are trying to achieve economic stability by making their presence in the world’s financial market. For both public, private and government actors, there is a need for a team of diplomats who understand the trend of the market and lead the leader that helps them achieve their dreams.

One of the most sought courses in our college is the international relations major where the individual studies about the world’s societies and the interaction between them. A student can choose one or more subjects where they can develop their expertise in the field of foreign policy and diplomacy.

The university has a unique approach designed for its students where a student can get knowledge for various branches which include politics, history, world languages, geography, law, and economics. The Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations (GSD) offers bachelors, masters, or doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees in international relations. While all our courses are popular, most sought is the Master’s and Ph.D. programs which makes a person achieve their professional dreams.

Unlike other degrees, a certification in this discipline will give you global exposure so that you don’t have to be limited to one occupation. You can join the government sector as a diplomat, private firm to help them understand the global economy and law. They are also a great help in non-profit organizations to aid them to help needy people.

What Coursework Can You Look Forward To?
The university focuses on interdisciplinary approach means if a student working towards a degree in international relations can take a different range of courses. The curriculum will have a detailed study of political science, economics, geography, and history. Other advanced courses like international law, anthropology, and religious studies are also available for students who are going for a Master’s and Ph.D.

As per the demand of today’s world, our education is based on the latest development happening in the world. Another key point that makes our university stand out is our online course which gives our students the freedom to get an education without being in threat to get an infection in the pandemic environment.
What We Offer in International Relations

Students going for major in the subject of International Relations can access to courses titles like:

● History of International Relations
● Globalization and World Order
● Globalization and International Development
● Challenges and Dilemmas in Foreign Policy
● Global Security
● Diplomacy and Statecraft
● Peacemaking and Negotiation
● Non-Violent Conflict and Resolution

With these courses, we will be helping build a team of diplomats and experts in International Relations that will lead the government and private sector on the path of global growth.