LoginRadius, a pioneer in customer identity and access management solutions, is announcing the launch of its new authentication feature, PIN Login.
PIN authentication serves as an extra protection feature before and after logging in. It avoids time-consuming delays inside a trusted system caused by repetitive entries of long complex credentials.
“The methods of fraud are constantly evolving. Companies need advanced authentication to secure the identities and digital assets of their customers, without compromising user experience,” said Deepak Gupta, LoginRadius’ co-founder/CTO. “PIN logins strike a perfect balance between usability and safety.”

Key Functionalities of PIN Login Feature
Enhanced usability of end users: The purpose of PIN login is to simplify the authentication process. It provides safe , fast, and seamless login for users.
No third party integration: LoginRadius authenticates and authorizes users, without the presence of any third party service provider. The identity platform is reporting greater speed of response and better security with the new features.
Mitigates the risk of prolonged inactivity: the session will be automatically terminated if a user is not present for a long time and the user will need to re-authenticate.
Sensitive Accessibility of Information: The user is authenticated at any point while conducting a critical activity. Activities such as deleting your account and making a financial transaction are examples.
Full configurable solution: current and new customers at LoginRadius can customize the length of the PIN to suit their needs. Even they can use PIN authentication as an optional flow or as required.
Brute Force Protection: The latest functionality also offers protection against attacks by brute force. Businesses may trigger the automatic account lock after predefined number of failed login attempts.