Having apartments for rent is always a good investment. However, anyone who has a rental property knows the difficulties that usually arise. Many times, you have to make repairs, replace appliances that deteriorate, paint, and of course, you need to clean the vacation rental apartments. That is why in this post we are going to talk about the advantages of hiring a cleaning service for rental apartments.

Especially, when it comes to second homes for the summer; It is common to enjoy them during part of the summer period and then want to make the investment profitable by renting it for weeks. The problem that, it raises is that the apartment must be in perfect hygiene and disinfection conditions to receive the new tenants but we cannot always be a move to clean it.

Cleaning a rental apartment is a job that takes at least a full day. It is necessary to clean and disinfect the entire apartment, from the kitchen, bathrooms, window cleaning, change of sheets, scrubbing floors – all this taking into account that there is no need to carry out small repairs derived from the constant use by different tenants.

The most advisable thing in these cases is to have a company specialized in cleaning that can give us comprehensive solutions for the cleaning and maintenance of rental apartments.

Standard maintenance of rental apartments:

It is normal that with the end-use, some elements of the apartment end up wearing out, deteriorating, or breaking. These small repair and maintenance tasks are essential to guarantee a good experience for the users of the apartment. Simple jobs like checking lights, taps, blinds, gutters, etc. They can be very useful and prevent breakdowns that later involve considerable investment.

Window cleaning and carpentry:

Doors and windows must be perfectly clean including frames, knobs, clamps, etc. It may seem like just a detail but the feeling of hygiene and neatness in cleaning occurs in these small details that make the difference. For their part, the windows will need regular cleaning especially in coastal areas they tend to get dirty due to the action of humidity and wind.

Cleaning company for rental apartments:

At Liox Clean, we are a company with long experience in the cleaning sector of all kinds. Our comprehensive services are aimed at providing personalized cleaning solutions to the needs of our clients.

Our team of cleaning service technicians is capable of responding to any type of job quickly, professionally, and efficiently. If you need advice, you can count on our customer service to solve any type of doubt.