This press release aims to explain the force sensing services (force sensors) provided by Interlink Electronics.

There are many benefits when it comes to sensors: data capture, nearly lossless transmission, and constant, real-time investigations. This real-time feedback (and data) are quite useful for many processes today. With the information, you can save time and money by efficiently monitoring your operations.

The development of this technology over time has been important in many industries. Traditional analog sensors simply just can’t keep up!

Sensors can do many things. For example, they can self-validate, self-test, self-adapt, and more. Force sensors handle the process from start to finish thanks to real-time decision-making capabilities. These smart sensors allow savvy technicians and supervisors to take full advantage of their team and equipment.

Choosing smart sensors means running an efficient operation. Collected data helps increase productivity as strategy improves thanks to continuous monitoring and data retrieval. If something is demanding too much energy, it can be identified. The problem can be resolved!

Interlink Electronics is a company that proudly provides custom solutions. Our expertise is in prototyping, materials science, firmware and software development, sensor fusion, system integration, manufacturing, and custom solutions.

Our history includes the development of sensor applications for many fields (automobile, robotics, etc.). We are a member of the LoRa Alliance Ecosystem and operate in the Internet of Things sector.

We are a top name in the delivery of sensor device platforms. This is because we offer custom solutions, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.

If you need solutions that will meet your budgets and your deadlines, then rely on us, Interlink Electronics.

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