If you ask our electrician in Auckland, there’s a very good reason new bulb particularly LED lights are taking the market by storm.

LED lights are the future as they are much better than old incandescent bulbs for various reasons. Now the majorities of homes in Auckland are using it and must prefer the type of lights.

Are you thinking of a home renovation or just wants to brighten your home? Whatever may be your planning, LED lights are the way to go- here’s why you should think about switching your lights.

Benefits of switching your lights with LED lights

Traditional lights use filament and when electrical currents run through it leads to heating of the wire and when it reaches the points it starts glowing.

In contrast, LED makes use of semiconductors to achieve the same effect. It is more technical than that, but our purpose is to know what makes LED lights considerably better than older types of bulbs.

There are a couple of reasons why you should get LED lighting.

• Semiconductors used in LED lights require less electricity to light up
• The LED light can output considerably more lumens than a traditional bulb
• Less energy consumption not only saves electricity but also the semiconductor used in LED lights are much tougher so have a longer lifespan
• Easily make use of these LED lights anywhere as they are available for a wider range of application
• Every little appliance counts so you should get LED lights as they reduce the carbon footprint improving your home’s energy-efficiency.

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