Many investors do not have the time or desire to manage the lease of their properties, taking into account all the work that is behind it, especially when you have a demanding job and there is little free time. Many of them wonder: is it a good idea to leave the management of my properties in the hands of companies that manage your rental property? The answer is YES, and the benefits of doing so are several, including:

Reduce workload:

In summary, the tasks around an investment are: looking for a property, carrying out the procedures to acquire it, signing the sale, looking for tenants, and later the administration of the property. All this, without a doubt, is a job that requires time and organization on the part of the investor.

Therefore, this is the first benefit of having professionals in the field to manage your or your properties, and it means a relief in the day-to-day workload.

Correctly assess tenants:

This is the next benefit of handing over the management of your properties to a specialized company. To avoid headaches, you have to evaluate those looking to rent your property. In this sense, companies that rent out your house for you have rating systems that allow each of them to be located at a certain level of lease risk.

Professionally prepare the rental contract:

These companies have the experience to enter into lease contracts with clauses that protect you and the tenant. Also, they prepare the property certificate -which includes an inventory of the property, so that the tenant returns it as it was received.

Direct assistance to the tenant:

When hiring the services of an expert company in the field, the management of your properties is comprehensive, so that – in the event of any doubt or problem – the tenant must go directly to the company, freeing you from paperwork or obligations.

Ensure timely payment of rent:

In addition to promoting and leasing the property as quickly as possible, the company is in charge of collecting and managing delinquency rates. Then, deposit your profits in the bank account indicated for it.

Analyze the fair value of the lease:

The rental value must be by the law and the characteristics of the property. The company calculates it without generating losses for either party.

Deliver security against non-payment:

Companies that rent your home for you can manage the “Secure Lease” with insurers. This product covers 3, 6, or 9 months of unpaid rent and processes the judicial eviction in case the tenants breach the contract and refuse to leave the property.