Babasaheb was a strong advocate of education. He believed that education was one of the means of making a person fearless, teaching them the lesson of unity, making them aware of their rights and inspiring them to stand up for those rights. The upcoming episodes of &TV’s Ek Mahanayak Dr B.R Ambedkar hinge on this very belief, where Bhimrao will stand up for Equality in Education, and put up a fight to reopen the school for everyone.
Speaking about Babasaheb’s view on Education, Ramji Sakpal (Jagannath Nivangune) says, “Babasaheb strongly believed that education was one of the key aspects to a society’s development, and everyone should be given an equal right to education. Dr Ambedkar ardently supported schooling that inculcated education for all and stood up strongly for it. Since his younger days, Babasaheb was bright and an ardent student who faced a lot of hardships to seek proper education. In the upcoming track, the antagonist decides to throw all the lower caste kids out of the school . Bhimrao takes stands against it and demands equal rights to education for all. He says, ‘Jab Gyan Pe Hai Sabka Adhikaar Toh Kyun Shiksha Nahi Hai Ek Samaan? Shiksha Ki Roshni Par Kisi Ek Ka Nahi Sab Ka Adhikaar Hai. Mein Shiksha Ko Uss Oonchai Tak Le Jaaonga Jahan Usse Koi Baant Na Sake.’ Guruji is upset, and he decides to resign in revolt, but Bhimrao stops him. Bhimrao tells him that resigning would be wrong since you are a teacher and the knowledge you impart should be equal for your pupils, irrespective of their caste. Here you are resigning for me, but then this would be unfair for the upper caste students .”
It remains to be seen how will Bhimrao will take a stand and fight it out to reopen the school to continue his education and that of other students ?
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