For European people, cooking plays an important role in the well-being of the family. Therefore, the kitchen should be beautiful, well-maintained, provide a feeling of cleanliness, comfort, and security. Whether you choose watercolor wall paint or backdrop, you must provide elegance and sophistication.

Unlike other spaces, the kitchen has its characteristics and differences. Firstly, it is a hygiene factor because it is a cooking place with a lot of dirt and grease.

Therefore, for the convenience of washing and disinfection, it is advisable to choose Large format porcelain slab, smooth cotton tiles for both walls and floors. In particular, kitchen tiles should be oversized to reduce the number of chains in the house.

In terms of color, choose a bright or neutral color, depending on your preference or kitchen architecture. We can say that color means more feng shui for the kitchen, particularly the house in general.

Kitchen – with the characteristics of fire (fire), especially do not use red, because it can generate strong energy that causes burning. Choose yellow instead of perfect harmony. If the kitchen is very small, you can choose tiles of bright colors with a short pattern; If the kitchen is large enough, the opposite happens.

In modern building design, kitchen wall tiles are only used around the food preparation area, tiled at a height of about 1 m. This ensures a bright kitchen and saves construction costs. Combined with placing a dining table in the kitchen, the kitchen space will become more convenient and reasonable, even if the area is not too large.

The choice of floor and wall tiles for the kitchen is not difficult because the modern market is diverse in designs, colors, and sizes, meeting all the needs of users.

The main challenge is how to choose foods that suit your preferences and have good feng shui meaning, create a friendly, intimate, and warm space, and bring all family members together.

The use of tiles in a natural yet unique and impressive style is the prevailing trend in modern kitchens’ design and construction.