Physically delivered base metals futures from NGMEX to offer delivery locations in Asia and Europe.

NGMEX, a full-service commodity and multi asset exchange that incorporates the complete workflow of a trading venue and also provides on-line commodity futures and options trading, is pleased to announce the launch of a new physically delivered Lead futures contract with delivery locations available within Asia Pacific region and outside of it. This new contract will be available at the beginning of the next quarter, pending all relevant regulatory review periods.

“After a very productive collaboration with our customers across the commodities value chain, our team is very glad to launch the new contract which delivers state-of-the-art strategies and solutions that can be used to hedge volatile metals prices,” said Masaru Abe, Head of Product & Business Development. “We at NGMEX are convinced that Lead futures will become a price reference for global lead industry participants and provide them with the transparency they need to more effectively manage their price risk.”

This new Lead futures contract will build on NGMEX’s growing suite of physically and financially settled base metals products, including Zinc futures and Aluminum Premium futures, which were introduced earlier this year.

“The launch of the new Lead futures to NGMEX’s expanding portfolio will provide our customers with capital efficiencies at a time when they are looking to reduce risks during volatile and uncertain markets and it will definitely provide a better transparency and price discovery for traders,” said Tadoki Hashimoto, Executive Director and Head of Commercial Development.

NGMEX’s new contract will be physically delivered to the authorized warehouses, and will enable market participants to benefit from the reliability and proven integrity of the exchange’s delivery process when they make and take delivery of physical lead.

Nagoya Mercantile Exchange (NGMEX)
NGMEX is a full-service multi asset exchange that incorporates the complete workflow of a trading venue and also provides on-line commodity futures and option trading. The organization believes in delivering nothing but the best to its loyal customers. From the individuals to the corporations, from institutions to the government agencies, NGMEX has always been a trusted establishment offering genuine industry insights and information on the benchmark commodity prices. NGMEX mission is to provide traders with state-of-the-art order entry capabilities, extremely competitive execution timing and the professional service that today’s financial world demands.