The housing industry has already established to regulate quickly for the growing need for transportable homes. Demand has arisen from people wanting affordable homes right away that look like a traditional home.
If you are planning to insult a home, one simple way is to say it looks like a prefab. That is now changing with new technology. The prefabricated housing marketplace is now creating multi-story portable homes that are designed by accomplished and talented architects using assembly line efficiency in factories.
The house is more eco-friendly, the building costs are more predictable, and the house will be more energy efficient once you live in it. You choose the components you would like in the home and set them up in a floorplan of your choice.
With the use of flexible designs of architects, modular homes are finished in the same building materials to obtain the look of traditional homes. Prefabricated homes are built in sections called modules. These modules are constructed in very large factories with lower labor costs and reduced product costs because of bulk buying.
The main reason modular homes have become more appealing is simply because portable homes offer a similar variety of designs created by architects who normally design traditional custom homes, external finishes, roofing options, paint and a lot more to create a customised living space to reflect your lifestyle.
Once the modules are completed in the factory, they are then transported by truck to your site. Often it takes only one day on-site for the house to be assembled. Modular homeowners can expect a timeline of two to three months from starting to build your relocatable home to assembly completion on your block.
Transportable modular homes are built to completion and delivered via truck, however they are a type of permanent housing. It is only where the home is constructed and how the modular home is delivered to its destination that makes it any different from a other permanent traditionally built home built on your land by a builder.
Transportable modular homes are approved by engineers and have to come up to the Australia building code standards. Portable homes have to meet the same certification and gain the same approvals as regular houses built using traditional methods, even more because they may have to be moved a couple of times during their lifetime.
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