After many queries and concerns from clients about stainless steel benchtops NZ, check out the information that will help you decide whether or not you’d like stainless steel to feature in your new kitchen, and if you already have it, then how you can make it last forever.

Choose a stainless steel benchtop in their new kitchen for its industrial look and strength and also the durability, but don’t forget, like any stainless steel benchtops NZ requires regular maintenance to keep that stylish brand new look for years to come.

What should you avoid?

The most obvious rule would be scratching the stainless steel benchtops NZ. Almost all the scratches that appear on stainless steel surfaces are not from the things we use on them; basically, it is the dirt that sticks to the surface that doesn’t damage.

Spills and grime are part of cooking in the kitchen and can’t be overlooked but they have to be removed carefully by using a soft cloth as possible.
Spills on your kitchen stainless steel benchtops NZ will dry and harden quite quickly, and then when you try to clean it acts like sandpaper on your kitchen stainless steel benchtops NZ. This is the crucial reason that stainless steel stoves and sinks become scratched after a certain time, as they are exposed to dirt and grime.

The most reasonable and safe way to clean stainless steel is to make use of damp soft cloth and warm water. Most of the dust and grime can be eliminated this way and in case of grease, you can add a small amount of mild detergent to the warm water.

Where to get the best stainless steel benchtops NZ?

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