Gulki Joshi (Haseena Mallik in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir)

“This Independence Day, I would like to take an opportunity to salute the Indian Army, Police Officers, Doctors and everyone else to have dedicated their services towards this country. According to me, they are the real heroes and have been fighting for the safety and security of our country. Independence Day is the day when we recognize the gallant efforts of the heroes of this country. The least we can do is respect them for all that they are doing to keep us safe. It gives me immense pleasure to have got an opportunity to portray the role of a Police officer in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir and we are extremely proud to air special episodes for Independence Day this year.”

“During our childhood, we would attend the Independence Day celebration that would take place in our building and all of us used to eagerly wait to celebrate the day in school too as we used to be treated with some delicious sweets after the flag hoisting ceremony. Like every year, this year too there will be flag hoisting in our building but with all safety and social distancing measures in place.”

Yukti Kapoor (Karishma Singh in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir)

“Every year on Independence Day I wear India’s flag on my shirt with pride while I go to work. I know it’s a small gesture as compared to all the contribution made by our frontline heroes such as Doctors, members of Indian Army and everyone else who is working towards the safety of the country. This day is dedicated to every such individual and I believe every civilian should take a moment this August 15th and thank them for their efforts.”

“Every year there is a celebration in our society but this year it’s going to be different keeping all the safety measures in mind. However, I would like to invite the audiences to watch Maddam Sir on Sony SAB as we are bringing some special episodes to celebrate Independence Day this year.”

Dev Joshi (Baalveer in Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns)

“It’s truly inspiring and motivating how all the army men, doctors, cleaners, etc. are actively playing their roles during these unprecedented times to keep us all safe. Without focusing too much on the negativity around, I would like to urge all my fans to consider this year as a new beginning for a new world, where we can focus more on what we can do to make our country as well as the entire world a better place to live in.”

“This Independence Day is going to be completely different than how we have celebrated so far, due to safety concerns. I will prefer staying at home, with my family and celebrate. Times are tough but what one should truly focus on is self-awareness and fitness. This Independence Day, we should take a pledge to be looking forward to making India a healthier country.”

Akshay Kelkar (Abhishek in Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi)

“We are all, as a nation, going through a challenging phase and our frontline warriors like our cleaning staff, doctors, nurses, medical staff and our treasured army continue to protect us while putting their lives on the line. This year is to celebrate our 74th Independence but at the same time, paying tribute and thanking our frontline heroes who are constantly fighting this new battle. This year reinstates the fact that we should never give up and keep striving for better. It has also taught me that together as a nation we are really strong and there is nothing we cannot fight if we all join hands.”

“This Independence Day, I am planning to broaden my knowledge and find out interesting facts about the history of our nation and read about the diverse Indian cultures. I would like to ask my fans to be kind to everyone and remember that we are all warriors. In these difficult times, rather than expecting help from someone, let’s be that someone and help others in need.”