Interior designing is a task fancied by enthusiasts who are always searching for the concepts to better the value of the space they dwell in. They are inspired by their creative visions and new products in the market. Professional interior designers bank upon the core principles, techniques and technology to ensure finesse each time without faltering the symmetries and functions. They bear expertise to develop the value as per the client’s choice and likes and also work to embed the cultural imprints so that a generic resonance is maintained.

India styled interior décor is, therefore, a niche which makes use of the icons and themes that depict consonances with our cultural value. Leading residential interior designer in Pune offers tips as to how a hall can be designed in Indian style. Have a look –

Carpets And Rugs
Handmade carpets offer a rich and plush feel to the hall interiors. India has been home to carpet-making since ages. Bring in a carpet or rug of your choice to make your home beautiful.

Indian Art Pottery And Vases For Décor
Artisan pottery and vases are still available in rich colors and ceramics and terracotta. These import a warm Indian art feel to your indoors. Buy couple of such products to decorate the hall interiors in Indian style.

Cabinets With Traditional Art Icons
Put up a teak or Sheesham wood cabinet in your main hall and place icons of indigenous arts like woodcraft, brass & metalwork and the like.

Colored Glass Panes
Indian home decoration has been always marked by rich colors. Glass panes in deep hues of crimsons, greens, orange and blues will add vibrancy in your interiors, according to top home interior designers in Pune.

Rich Color Contrasts
Indian homes are marked by sharp color contrasts, says noted residential interior designer in Pune. Generate color contrasts through fine combination of upholstery, linen, wood furniture and wall paints.

All these concepts offer an Indian touch and dimension to your house interiors. You can always customize each of these tips to suit your fancies and space!