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You will agree that a good property management company takes all the stress and hassle out of landlords involved in renting properties. Rize Property Management is a comprehensive, fully integrated real estate investment, construction, full-service brokerage and rental management company. As the well-established property management company located in Salt Lake County the team helps property owners with all essential services including quality finishes and conditions that are environmentally healthy and safe.

One of the Satisfied Client at Rize says, “Rize PM handles all of our residential property manager needs for single family homes and mid-size apartments. Year after year, they produce financial results that exceed our expectations while keeping our tenants satisfied. We’ve tried other property managers in SLC and no one compares.”

When the property becomes vacant the team at Rize will do the inspection and then carry out any necessary repairs. With Rize as your property manager you will be able to see that your property is being looked after and more importantly that each time a workman goes to your property with details of the work he carried out your property manager will send you maintenance updates and keep you informed on every single aspect of what the agency is doing for you.

If you realize that finding the right tenant can be tricky Rize Property Management will advertise the property, arrange all the viewings and give you a feedback report of these viewings. Once they find the right tenant they will do all the necessary checks and arrange the assured tenancy agreement. Then they will collect the deposit and hand over keys to the tenant without you having to lift a finger.

Rize can come to your rescue if you find collecting rent another headache. Your property management team makes life easier. They will make sure your rent always comes on time and they won’t hold onto it. You will get your rent straight away in the bank the same time each month. With Rize Property Management you are left to get on with your life safe in the knowledge that your investment properties are well maintained.

About Rize Property Management:

Rize Property Management has a robust portfolio of services to meet the needs of their individual clients and organizations with single and multiple residential properties to manage. Rize is known as a full service Utah property management company that handles all the details from tenant acquisition, management of rent collection, lapse of maintenance and repairs and promotion. For more information please visit our website: