If you aspire to keep a piece of craftsmanship from Africa in your home, hand-made Namji dolls are the perfect buy for you! Namji Dolls were earlier made by Namji tribe. Characterized by a narrow stem and head, these beautiful decorative dolls form a striking geometric design. The African Creative Group is happy to add new products to their list of curated selection. With new arrivals at African-Creative.com the one-stop-shop for original, wire beaded designs for the past 15 years is expanding its creative landscape and enabling the customers to take pleasure in art pieces that share the singularity of African art.

Each Namji Doll in the collection of African Creative is unique and will therefore differ from other dolls in decoration, Jewellery and other features. And that is exactly why people appreciate these special Namji Dolls. They are a special eye catcher in your interior! Order a Namji Doll from African Creative collection today in from their online store!

Namji Dolls have been used as good luck charms in ritual practices, as amulets and have been treasured as family heirlooms. Namji Dolls are striking to look at they have an interesting history. The Namji doll helped prepare the young Namji woman for her role as a mother in her future life. They were also kept by older women to promote fertility. Because of their authenticity and cultural heritage, Namji dolls are considered among the finest and most beautiful dolls in Africa.

At African Creative Namji dolls are adorned with glass bead necklaces, cowrie shells, metal strips, fabric and fiber and stands on a wood base. They are carved from solid pine hardwood. They carry an extensive variety of styles, sizes and colors in their collection and each Namji doll is an “original” work of art. They are individually handmade making them unique and a one of a kind piece.

No two Namji Dolls are exactly alike which adds to the value of each Namji doll. You will agree that Namji Dolls are beautiful, cultural and make excellent gifts.

About African Creative:
African Creative is the leading supplier of original, wire beaded designs to art lovers locally and from around the globe. They have experience of 15 years. As an established and professional arts business, their small team of artists creates wire, bead and rope artwork in their workshop in Cape Town.

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