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Philippines: Freshair Purification Solutions, a well-known provider of air purifiers for car, home &hospitality industries is offering Freshair 3 Purifier for hotel rooms.

A happy guest is the goal for every hotel owner, and that is why, they try to meet the needs of every guest who visits. The hotel business will function smoothly if everything is well organized. However, there is a problem that can ruin all the hard work and that is poor air quality.

Even the nicest hotels have multiple hotspots where pathogens from previous guests are not cleaned sufficiently by the housekeeping staff. Providing room cleaners with perfumed cleaning supplies is not a solution as some guests may become nauseous due to the strong odor. Fortunately, Freshair Purification Solutions is a company that considered the problem seriously and came up with an innovative filter-less air purifier to improve indoor air quality.

Freshair Purification Solutions has developed a room air purifier in the form of an aesthetically attractive table that is adapted for use in hotel rooms. The proprietary system can effectively remove tobacco smoke, particles and dust for the benefit of both guests and staff. An almost silent operation is promised to enable the purification device even when the guests are sleeping. Thus, it allows for savings by reducing the need for cleaning, washing and aeration, in combination with reduced wear on the inside.
Freshair Technologies is used in hotels worldwide and has been shown to reduce the levels of contaminants immediately and persistently. Other benefits of Freshair 3 air purifiers are:

• Quiet operation with various fan speeds
• No expensive filters to replace
• Reduced unpleasant odors in your house or office
• Sanitize, sterilize, ionize and purify the air and surfaces up to 3000 sq. ft. from one machine
• Perfect against mold, microbes, viruses and majority of airborne germs
• Destructs heavy pollen particles, dust, dirt flakes, pet dander, or any other irritants

Freshair Purification Solutions have confidence in the quality of the product they offer to their customers and is continually working to improve customer service. To know more about their products, visit and contact by e-mail at or call (02) 8847-0620, 8847-0602.

About the Company:

Freshair Purification Solutions has been at the forefront of Healthy Living Technologies and strive to keep you and your loved ones healthy. The company was founded in 2003 and offers a wide range of products and services from technology for air solutions, car accessories, safety and security window films, and GPS tracking systems.

Contact Details:
Business Name: Freshair Purification Solutions
Contact Person: Julie Ann Manay
Designation: Sales Manager
Address: Gmad Tower 7610 Guijo St. San Antonio Village
City – Makati
State – Metro Manila
Country – Philippines
Zip code/ PIN code – 1203
Phone: (02) 7217-1764
Email Id: