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This current press release promotes an important piece offered by HVM Technology, the OPTO 150.

There are many DC-DC Converters available today. Major providers make it a point to stay ahead of the trends by staying up-to-date in the field. That’s why HVM Technology is proudly promoting its OPTO 150.

Creating high voltage products is no joke. The work must be done correctly for it to be affordable, economical, efficient, and safe. Right now, HVM Technology has a miniature version of the high-voltage OPTO-coupler which has been designed to integrate lower voltage LED drivers with high-voltage photodetector diodes.

Known as OPTO 150, this product has been designed for usability and delivers circuit isolation. Beyond your basic DC to DC conversions, the OPTO 150 is the latest technology.

The dimensions of this product are 0.55” L x 0.65” W x 0.25” H. In other words, it is small!

OPTO 150 can do a lot of things: high voltage isolation, high voltage switching, external voltage sensing, mass spectrometry, and voltage level shifting.

There are few external components to worry about in the matter.The product isn’t hard to install and utilize, even for many beginners.

HVM Technology boasts converters so you can enjoy internal current limiting resistors. A smaller footprint and 15kV reverse voltage rating are just some reasons why more and more people are calling about the OPTO 150.

If you are worried about operating temperatures, don’t be. The OPTO 150 is beloved for its wide operating temperature range (from -40°C to +85°C). This helps users work this DC to DC converter into a variety of applications, big and small!

To learn more about the OPTO 150, as well as other components and services, reach out to the trustworthy and knowledgeable professionals at HVM Technology:

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