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XinFin Network mainnet coin XDC and ERC20 token XDCE create confusion between new community members. This guide will help to understand the difference between XDC and XDCE. Regularly few users send their XDC to XDCE wallet and vice versa, this article will help those users to recover the tokens that were sent to different wallets by mistake.

Differences between XDC and XDCE.
XDC (XinFin Digital Contracts) is a mainnet coin with a consensus algorithm of XinFin Delegated proof of stake (XDPoS). XinFin mainnet coin XDC was live on 1 June 2019 and acts as a settlement mechanism for DApps built on the XinFin Hybrid Blockchain. The XDC token address will start with xdc, for example, xdc0x167na90knnsjadbjkbj…

XinFin Network mainnet coins can be stored on various wallets such as XinFin Andriod Wallet, XinPay, Web wallet, Copper Custodian wallet, Guarda Wallet.

XDCE is an Ethereum token (ERC20) with a consensus algorithm of Proof of Work (POW) that gives the token holder flexibility to get benefit from the Ethereum Network’s various utilities DApps. XDCE is compatible with all decentralized exchanges and has a presence in liquidity markets and supports XDC liquidity. The token address of XDCE starts with 0x, for example, 0x12hgsjdkj45knjxb…

On the Ethereum network user always creates a wallet with Keystore or with mnemonic phase and stores their Eth or ERC-20 tokens on a wallet. XDCE can be stored on any ERC-20 Compatible wallet or hardware wallet. But it’s mandatory to take the back up of keys.

How to recover XDC that was sent to the ERC20 wallet?
If the user has sent their XDC token to any ERC-20 wallet address, it can be easily recovered. Users need to log in with the same Keystore, Privatekey or mnemonic phase to XinFin Original web wallet at after login with the ERC-20 keys user will find their XDC token on XinFin web wallet.

Users can also download a mobile wallet or extension wallet (XinPay) and log in with the ERC-20 keys and recover their XDC tokens.

Smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum network can be easily ported to XinFin Network. Bounty worth 10000 USD is applied to the users porting from Ethereum Network to XinFin Network. Visit for more details.