Atlanta, Georgia (webnewswire) August 10, 2020 – An Atlanta litigation attorney at KPPB Law recently released a blog explaining ADA compliant website requirements for 2020. By following these guidelines, you ensure that your website is easy to view for all visitors.

Websites are not required to be ADA compliant, though this does not mean that there are no ramifications for failing to update your website. Attorneys may seek out businesses that do not comply with general ADA guidelines, and the number of accessibility-related lawsuits has increased in recent years. This means that though there is no obligation to make your site ADA compliant, failing to do so could leave you vulnerable to expensive lawsuits. Common compliance errors include providing only one way to access information, not allowing keyboard navigation on the site, and making a site incompatible with screen readers, among other issues.

When constructing an ADA compliant website, there are five main areas to consider. First, take a look at the website’s presentation. Page titles should be easily legible, with nested headings that make it easy for people to find what they need. The coding should also be up to date to ensure that the site is compatible with accessibility devices. The appearance of your site is also important. Be sure that users can easily zoom in on text and that the contrast between the background and text is high. Making your content accessible through alternate methods, such as video transcripts and alt text for photos, so that people who are hard of hearing or seeing can access information is also important. When developing your site, make the environment easy for users to control by allowing long time limits (if limits are necessary) and avoiding pop ups. Finally, ensure that the site is easy to navigate and use, with a sitemap, clear language, and robust search function.

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