Artificial turf on Ibiza for the golfers

We guarantee you: this is your best shot!

Ask us about the manufacturing and installation of golf fields on the island, and we will tell you that we know exactly what we are doing. We gained a lot of experience in the last years, with the project GolfTurf as our number 1 highlight. Thanks to our previous projects, we are able to manufacture products that are capable of reproducing the behaviour of the best natural grass for your playing area(s).

Recommended installation:

Professional and/or amateur facilities, private play areas on the island.

If you have been thinking to install artificial grass on your property, here we give you several reasons to install outdoor artificial turf without thinking any further.


Outdoor fake grass does not need so much water or great maintenance, this translates into saving money for the individual or the company that installs it. Therefore, in a few years, the investment made for its installation is recovered.

On the other hand, artificial grass is a smart solution to beautify public spaces, such as avenues, roundabouts, or garden areas, which would otherwise be difficult and expensive to maintain. It reduces the costs of maintaining the city, freeing dollars of taxes for other purposes.

More time to relax:

Once you have installed your new outdoor artificial turf, you can now sell your lawnmower and stop worrying about watering. Your garden will always look green and pretty and all you need to do is remove the leaves and occasionally give it a quick brush and hose.

One of the best things about artificial grass is its low-maintenance nature, which allows you to focus more on the things you like to do in your garden, such as hosting parties, barbecues, and spending time with your family.

Utility in all climates:

An artificial grass installation, whether for your garden or on a sports field, will not become mud in the rain and will withstand any inclement weather in perfect condition. If played on it, the players will leave a perfect field at the end of each match. The properties of trafficmaster pet turf make it ideal for any climate.

The solution for shady areas:

It is common for grass to become brown and mossy in shady areas, such as under a large tree, or even to grow. Natural grass needs direct sunlight to grow, while artificial grass remains green and in perfect condition with or without the sun.

There are places where it is impossible for natural grass to grow, in those places outdoor fake grass is the ideal solution.


A good artificial grass can last you a good 15 years, or more. The duration will depend on whether your lawn is in a low-traffic area or not, as well as whether you offer it proper maintenance.

We should not confuse durability with the guarantee, since the guarantees are always much lower, to give you an idea, the guarantees offered by the best in the market are between 7 and 9 years.

If you also want to start enjoying the advantages of outdoor artificial turf, ask us for a quote and we will be happy to advise you.