In these trying times, art lessons (private art lessons in Thousand Oaks, to be specific) are more important than ever. The classes offer many benefits.

Not too long ago, private art lessons were once a luxury reserved for the wealthy, famous, and powerful. Today, however, more and more people are looking for recreation, leisure, and educational opportunities that are available in a one-on-one format (or online). Thankfully, the Raminfard School of Art is here to help.

Here are the reported benefits of an art class: Students look at the world in new ways. Art makes us appreciate things in a new light, often literally. Shape, color, and form awaken the imagination.

A joy like no other can bud from a single work. Art speaks volumes about the artist, society, and the human experience. When people admire your art, you’ll take pride in the joy YOU inspire.

Artists know how to take risks! Art instruction helps learners develop other abilities, like language skills, decision making capabilities, social skills, motor skills, innovative thinking, and yes, risk taking.

Layout, balance, color, and perspective are four important attributes in art. Students can use these skills for careers in design, art, engineering, teaching, and more.

Artists exercise their minds. They are the pros when it comes to critical thinking.

Cultural appreciation is a must in today’s mixed-up world. Artists aren’t quick to judge cultural differences. Instead, they appreciate them.

Who doesn’t love a challenge? Artists certainly do. When somebody learns more about the creative process, they learn to work hard and overcome challenges.

For some, art is an old flame. It is something they run back to when things get too hard. For others, it is a new hobby, fresh and full of potential. Either way, the Raminfard Art School has you covered. Whether you are looking for painting lessons in Encino or private art lessons near Topanga, we are here to help. Contact our school for more information:

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