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The advancement in Technology and access to cheaper solutions has been a turning point for the eCommerce industry. Last 20 years has seen a tremendous increase in the number of online merchants, especially smaller businesses deciding to list their catalog of products on online eCommerce sites. And now we are using a reverse phenomenon: More and more online eCommerce merchants want to evolve their business models by creating marketplaces in addition to their existing eCommerce sites.
Inviting other merchants to sell their products on your e-commerce site allows you to offer your visitors and clients a more diverse product range, and to earn extra revenue in marketplace commissions. Unfortunately, though, some hosted eCommerce solutions, like Shopify and Squarespace, don’t allow you to build your own marketplace.
The importance of technology to the success of a marketplace has never been bigger. With so many different options available, it can be challenging to select the right marketplace software for a particular business. In this article we have focused particularly on why Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions will help you adapt and grow more quickly in response to changes in the marketplace.
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Transform your existing online platform or application.
IdyaFlow helps them create and scale new profit centres for their business
Low cost of ownership for IdyaFlow Marketplace as a Service compared to building own from scratch
DIY is complex and expensive, even for large companies with in-house expertise
Get to market much faster
Provides access to industry leading technology and best practices, off-the-shelf
Allow your sales team to focus on their business, not the technology
Launch your own complete end-to-end marketplace solution.
From search through to payment, provide the convenience for customers to do it all without ever having to leave your custom branded marketplace.
Complete mobile responsive user interface, our packages only require you to direct your audience to start booking online, we can even populate it with vendors.
Enable the customer to see merchant availability, allowing them to compare, book and to pay, to improve consumer engagement.
Powerful built-in analytics and data insights to further grow your operations.
Key features of Marketplace as a Service
Provide a low-cost, low-risk way to increase sales by rapidly expanding your product offering with easy onboarding of third-party partner
Flexible, secure and feature-rich platform that is fully customizable through intuitive configuration to suit your needs
Secure marketplace platform that will receive automatic software updates as new features become available, ensuring worry-free maintenance and performance
Innovative tools and features help you listen and engage with your communities, while built-in analytics provide detailed insights to improve customer service and strengthen brand loyalty
Enhance the customer experience by providing more choice and collecting high-quality, actionable data to help you improve service
Key Value of Marketplace as a Service
Merchants are provided with a powerful independent booking & promotions engine, allowing them to actively manage bookings or operate in autopilot by simply adding their inventory
Notifications and reminders are automatically sent to both the merchant and customer, in addition to the convenience offered by around the clock on-demand bookings and consumer self-service functionality
Monetize your marketplace your way with the option to charge merchants a listing fee, a commission or booking fees
We believe that you can only go as far as the technology of your Multi-vendor Marketplace Software can take you. If you are looking to start a marketplace then you need a trusted partner who can provide a reliable Marketplace platform that can support you all the way as your business grows — Look no further — IdyaFlow Marketplace as a Service is fully customizable to integrate with your other business processes and accelerate your marketplace business, while allowing your sales and marketing people to focus on what really makes business grow — building relationships and serving customers.
We are here to support you succeed! Let’s start the journey.