Boxy cubicles, elbows bumping at the big table, and the harsh buzz of fluorescent lighting all ruin the office environment. So much so that people can become quite lazy working in these conditions. It isn’t completely their fault. The ugly old space has sapped all of their energy and enthusiasm.

Over the past two decades, business owners have put more thought into their office layout and design. Executive office designs in New York have become a big industry, in fact. Who is at the top of the list when it comes to excellent designer eyes? Sergio Mannino Studios.

We want the general public to be aware of a few topics to consider when exploring executive office design. Here’s the shortlist: Multi-functional office spaces are the highlight of the next generation of business design. Employees can move around to spaces that suit the task at hand. To achieve this, you need moveable, multifunctional, lightweight, ergonomic furniture.

Nowadays, people worry a whole lot more about the health of our planet. That’s a good thing! They want to bring the outside in while they’re at it, with eco-friendly products that speak to natural wood accents, stone, and bamboo.

Working remotely, these days, is quite popular. That doesn’t mean you can’t design an office space for remote workers. For example, you may need spaces where remote workers can spend part of their workweek in your office.

Healthy workflow is a must. You need to create an office that matches form to function. This means some offices have perks for employees like cafes, bars, gazebos, fireplaces, and game rooms. If that’s part of your grand plan, a designer in New York can certainly make that happen.

Tired of the same old dull office space? Want to revamp the whole thing, top to bottom? Then you need to fire up that search engine and type in these words: design your office space New York. Better yet, visit our website to get started:

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