Wallpapers are something that enhances the beauty as well as aesthetic aspects of your Android smartphone. It is an important factor in the look of the smartphone, especially to those who prefer it is top-notch. Now, searching and selecting a good wallpaper for your Android phone is not tough, to be honest. You can always download tons of images from our trusted friend Google. In addition to that, there are a wide number of different wallpapers apps that also serve the purpose. So, here is the list of Best Android Wallpaper Apps.

500 Firepaper

First of all, the first free wallpaper app that I am going to talk to you about is called 500 Firepaper. This is a Best Android Wallpaper Apps, in general, a live wallpaper that in itself portrays regular wallpapers. The way it achieves this feat is by searching into the 500px website again and again throughout the day. From there, the wallpaper app downloads a large number of images that you can then choose from to keep as a wallpaper on your phone. It is a great technique to provide you with stunning images because the factor that the 500px site is popular for is the superb photography it portrays. The developers have offered the app in both free as well as paid or pro versions. You can choose either one depending on your needs as well as financial means.


The next Best Android Wallpaper Apps on our list is also one of the newest wallpaper apps that are out there on the internet. The wallpaper app is designed by Hampus Olsson who is also the designer of every wallpaper that we see on the smartphones from OnePlus. The free wallpaper app – that you can most likely guess from the name already – comes loaded with a wide range of abstract wallpapers that comes with a variety of colors. You can choose from about 300 wallpapers that are present in the app. In addition to that, all of the wallpapers are available in 4K resolution as well. With the help of this app, you can get all the wallpapers from the OnePlus smartphones without even buying one.