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Printhead Life Span

The typical life span for a dot matrix printhead is about 200 million characters. Assuming if we print a complete web page of A4 paper (60 lines with 80 characters per line), it is going to print a total of 4800 characters per page. That signifies the printhead is able to print a total of 4200 pages prior to it will start to fail. Keep in mind that not just about every web page contains 4800 printed characters. So the actual pages before it fails is greater than 4200 pages. Get a lot more data about tsc barcode printer

Strategies to take care of a print head

1. Usually do not use a low high-quality printer ribbon. It could be low-cost but it will surely damage your printhead within a long run. An original ribbon is impregnated with special ink and oil, which will lubricate the printhead pin wires in the course of printing and also the textile material in the ribbon are made by specific technologies exactly where else the compatibles doesn’t have top quality control more than the type of textile, ink and oil.

2. Know when to alter your print ribbon.

When printing starts, the quantity of ink and lubricant will keep decreasing and excellent of printing will steadily decline. When quality reduces beneath a certain limit, the ribbon will start to put on (to threads). When this occurs, the fine textile fibers mixes with cellulose filaments in the paper and forms a dark gray dust. This signals the time to transform to a brand new ribbon. Otherwise, the dust residue will clog the printhead and will lessen the life span of it. Please don’t reuse or re-ink old ribbon!

3. Printhead positioning and gap.

Attempt to look for any lever for printhead positioning. Usually for Epson printers, it is actually located at the ideal side on the printer, marked -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7. As for Panasonic printers, it’s commonly located at the left side from the printer, marked Head Gap 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. You’ll want to adjust this gap in correspondence with the number of printed copies. Adjust the head position for

1. When you use one copy

2. When you use two copies

3. After you use three copies and so on….

A wrong correspondence in between head gap together with the number of printed copies will wear off the printhead pin wires and shorten it’s lifespan. In my printhead repair guide e-book, there is a chapter on the best way to re-adjust the printhead gap manually around the its positioning and gap if they’re misaligned.

4. Ribbon Mask.

Remove the printhead in the printer. Verify when the ribbon mask is in great situation. If it is actually not, adjust the ribbon mask. A faulty ribbon mask from time to time may not only make the printing dirty but also will spoil the ribbon threads. A standard warranty for any printer is 1 year. This warranty doesn’t normally include things like the printhead. The reason is, they do not know should you make use of the original ribbon. Even if you’re acquiring a new printhead, no reseller will need to offer you a warranty.


There are various dot matrix customers who’re unaware of the way to look after their printer especially the printhead. I have repaired a lot of printheads due to the above talked about factors and a few of it are pretty new. It really is not difficult to repair it. What you’ll need is just an individual to guide and support you, and I’m right here to assist you.