Set amongst the natural atmosphere, Snow Republic Brewery remains a major beer hub with its modern architecture, noteworthy chefs and innovative cocktails.

At Snow Republic you can enjoy the best cocktail hour with four beers on tap, and its repertoire includes two staples – an IPA and a porter – as well as a Belgian wit, a lager and a pale ale. Bansley and Snow Republic’s brewer, Justin Maturo, have plans to add sour and stout brews as well.

Snow Republic Brewery is one of the best beer bars in Vermont you must visit. Beer is good choice whether you are on a holiday or night out and looking for fun things to do with friends. Snow Republic Brewery in Vermont is popular for craft beer and brewing varieties which are so unique in taste that you never tasted before.

Snow Republic Brewing Company is acclaimed as the best beer bar by beer lovers who visit their tasting room and enjoy the taste of their craft beer as they are the finest brewery in VT. Take a sip and let your mouths droll, nothing tastes better than their best pilsner beer.

Recently the craft beer is the new calling a growing youth culture enjoys. While beer bars are quickly becoming the establishment to open and spend time at few like Snow Republic are the best places you can look forward to visiting. When looking at Snow Republic beer bar the first thing that comes to mind is an establishment that carries just about every beer style known to man. You want to have the options! You want to see the best craft breweries and the best craft beer from around the country from the west coast to the east coast. You want your pick of amazing Belgian beer from strong ales to sours.

About Snow Republic Brewery:

Snow Republic Brewing Company is located in West Dover, VT. It is approximately 4 miles from Mount Snow. Walt and Asha, owners of Snow Republic are carefree, incredible, friendly kind of people. They give off positive vibes are warm and inviting.

Welcome to the Snow Republic Brewing Company to taste the world’s finest, best porter beer, pilsner beer, pale ale beer, and more.

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