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If you are looking for future-focused, real-estate community developer for grounding advice and thoughtful solutions to help you structure, negotiate, and acquire the most lucrative real estate Fortus Partners offer real estate & community development that best fits a buyer’s needs.

Whether you want to build a corporate campus, or launching a new venture from your home office, your property-related choices that will have a pivotal effect on your bottom line, Fortus Partners are the best choice as the leading community development in Metro Detroit.

With the right team helping you make important and long-lasting decisions, you can make the right real estate choices. Fortus Partners offer investment advice with relevant geographic focus, providing regional insight and strong local relationships. As the real estate development company Fortus Partners build strong communities within micro- neighborhoods for Detroiters to live, work, and play.

With the Detroit Real Estate Experts at Fortus Partners you have a team that provides premier sourcing of attractive opportunities.

Team Fortus Partners innovate, anticipate and resolve sticky problems. Clients rely on them to pinpoint the opportunities among the issues they face in real estate related decisions. At any given moment, you’ll find them working on a variety of deals, properties, and community development projects. With their hard-earned experience they have an intuitive understanding of your requirements and they have the speed and creativity to get you to your goal with minimum fuss.

Fortus Partners works with clients for changing landscapes, improve neighborhoods, and buy, sell or lease any kind of real property. They are a go-to source for firms involved in real estate and companies that work for affordable housing.

About Fortus Partners:
Fortus is developing the future of neighborhoods in Detroit. Fortus creates quality communities within micro-neighborhoods that change & enhance how people live. Fortus prides itself on delivering quality work, live, play communities at an affordable price. Investing in Detroit for nearly a decade, Fortus has been designing exclusive residential products that will get people excited about living in Detroit. Fortus is a vertically integrated real estate development company with internal brokerage, management, and construction.


Fortus Partners

1201 Woodward Ave, Suite 900

Detroit, MI 48226