PT Cladding Limited produce premium, external plaster facades and exterior painting solutions, that are absolutely perfect for New Zealand conditions.

Our professional solid plastering team can create solid, robust solutions based on systems that really get the job done and then seal, paint and finish it to perfection.

We plaster over a wide range substrates such as concrete, brick, AAC, summerhill stone, stucco, polystyrene, lathe surfaces and more. We can advise which solid plaster cladding system will best suit your personal requirements and provide a free, no-obligation fixed quote for your plastering needs.

These also include state-of-the-art sprayed plaster coatings that are considerably faster than traditional techniques such as hand floating.

If you’re looking to renovate or install a new plaster cladding system PT Cladding can provide a comprehensive maintenance schedule and a level of workmanship that is second to none in Christchurch.

It’s our pleasure to put your panels in place to enhance the look and feel for your property. We only complete our projects when the weather conditions are just right to ensure you get the perfect finish.

From the supply, spraying, sealing and painting our attention to detail ensures the perfect finish. If you need us to assess your needs and requirements we can offer the perfect solution for you.

Save yourself the stress. You can be assured that our highly qualified plasterers have the skills and expertise you really need.

Plastering your house is an opportunity to significantly add value to your property so its important to get it right.

We always aim to get extraordinary results by producing an exterior surface that you can be proud of for years to come. We have the training and expertise to

If you need urgent work done be sure to schedule our free appraisal service which includes a fixed quote and suggestions for the work you require, and we will respond to your needs ASAP. Contact us today at 0800 897890.

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